• 15 years experience as Technical Architect / Software developer, of which 6 was in leading roles
  • Highly self-motivated strategic thinker
  • Excels at problem-solving and decision-making
  • Communicates well with all levels of management, staff, fellow employees and clients/customers
08/14 – 10/14
Lead Developer
Filihood ApS, Aarhus, Denmark
Filihood is a startup making an online version of the baby journal. As Lead I was responsible for the overall architecture of the software.
  • Created SQL DB on Azure with tables, views, functions and stored procedures.
  • Created data access layer using the lightweight ORM Dapper as base.
  • Used MongoDB GridFS for storage of media files.
03/13 – 07/14
Independent Contractor – IT Architecture, Planning and implementation
Company Confidential, Las Vegas, NV
A startup in DOOH (signage and kiosk) and reporting directly to the CEO, I worked in IT architecture, planning and implementation on everything from enterprise resource planning to ecommerce.
  • Gathered requirements for, researched and presented solution for call center, capable of handling 10,000 lines with softphones, recording of all calls, five nine uptime and the ability to customize for future requirements.
  • Gathered requirements for, researched and ran test bench solution for ERP software capable of handling all sales, finance, HR, manufacturing and warehouse functions of a larger enterprise.
  • Completed RFP document with SOW for installation, configuration and customization of ERP software.
12/10 – 03/13
FlatLeaf, Orangevale, CA
FlatLeaf is an eBook subscription service with a social network encouraging content exploration and discovery through sharing, reviews, discussions and personalized social recommendation.
  • Founded – including creation of complete business plan, incorporation, and launch of FlatLeaf
  • Designed and implemented social network site, incorporating Twitter-style following system and LinkedIn groups and member messaging system
  • Designed and implemented a unique personalized social recommendation feature where members receive book recommendations based on follower preferences
  • Used various SEO techniques to bring FlatLeaf to top of search engines
  • Was selected to be one of only 10 startups to present at O'Reilly Tools of Chance startup showcase in New York
09/08 – 08/10
Sr. Software Developer
NEC Corporation of America, Rancho Cordova, CA
Started as a consultant and converted to direct employment after 6 months; primarily responsible for AFIS Fingerprint Identification workflows.
  • Shortened project turnaround from 3 months to 3 weeks
  • Redesigned, created, implemented 60+ workflow activities and 50+ workflows, including maintenance of separate window application for administration and customization
  • Worked with business analysts in drafting new requirement documents to identify static project features and eliminate ambiguity
  • Spearheaded new TFS structure to handle the complexity of multiple customers while creating processes for QA release procedure
  • Used Visual Studio 2005-2010 to create various data support libraries for Oracle/SQL Server in .NET 3.5/4.0
  • Created and maintained several tables, store procedures and packages on Oracle 10/11
09/07 – 08/08
Cotere Corporation, Sacramento, CA
Returned for a re-launch of the company, taking a more active role in executive duties.
  • Established a business plan with short and long term goals, including a development roadmap with job requirements and skill-set for future employees
  • Designed and implemented an API for the product Relay Point, a unique integration technology as a web service in C#
  • Added new Plug-ins and features to the existing product, and multi-threading to data-pump
  • Held several online presentations of the product
09/06 – 08/07
Software Developer
HFS, Elk Grove, CA
HFS delivers financial software to the health industry via a suite of products made in Delphi, C# and COBOL.
  • Designed and implemented a multi-product security system, using COM and XML, for restricting access rights based on several custom criteria
  • Designed and implemented an ASP.NET application in C# and ADO.NET for online management of client information and users access rights
  • Created plug-in in Delphi, allowing users to modify worksheets for the hospital system
  • Optimized customer Access databases for improved reporting
06/05 – 09/05
Sr. Software Developer
RSI, Roseville, CA
After successfully acquiring a competitor’s desktop application for Tax auditing RSI needed to re-brand, upgrade and integrate the application with proprietary applications.
  • Upgraded and enhanced Delphi 5 application to Delphi 2006
11/03 – 01/06
Team-Lead/Chief Architect
Cotere Corporation, Sacramento, CA
Led, directed, and managed development of company’s two products Access Point, a web enabled records delivery application, and Relay Point an ETL/EAI integration methodology /software.
  • Designed, as Chief architect on Relay Point, a unique XML-based ETL/EAI integration technology
  • Led projects, directing 5 employees in product development, including: production timetable, status reporting, quality assurance
  • Designed and engineered a development tool for Relay Point in Delphi 7 wherein the IDE utilizes plug-ins for the various designers needed to create the required documents of an integration
  • Developed backend for Access Point a web enabled records delivery application
  • Created web services and windows applications for clients in C#
  • Created a number of Com applications, along with various ADO.NET connections for the backend for Access Point an ASP.NET public records portal
  • Created and maintained more that 250 tables and 650 views, stored procedures and triggers in various databases related to company’s products, all in SQL Server
  • Integrated data streams from large record sets including the California DMV, Texas DMV, Vantage Data and TransUnion, containing driver, vehicle, criminal and credit records
03/03 – 06/03
Software Developer
Rapidigm Inc., Los Angeles, CA
Consolidated company databases for Client, a Security company, which had acquired two of its competitors - including employee, client and patrol data into one new Sybase database.
  • Created Delphi 6 application for converting / mapping data from PICK and SQL Anywhere to Sybase
  • Utilized Client data sets for backup / maintenance of old dat
  • Created and modified Crystal reports for the new system, including billing, schedules, vacations and more
12/99 – 12/02
Software Developer
Ivillage Inc. /, San Francisco, CA
In addition to maintenance of existing applications, led the architecture, implementation and testing of a new on-line Astrology software for Ivillage (the number 1 women’s web-site on the internet). Primary responsibilities included design, architecture and configuration of the complete system (application servers, fileserver and database server, router and load-balancing system).
  • Created and maintained various applications using Delphi 5/6 and paradox, Interbase / Firebird
  • Utilized .NET framework to develop several web services serving a number of astrology business functions
  • Designed and implemented an e-commerce multi-threaded astrology server for delivering on-line real-time astrology content to subscribers and non-subscribers
  • Created components for atlas lookup, web services interfacing and application reporting
  • Created application for dynamically generation of output in various formats (HTML, e-mail, Palm)
  • Created and maintained several databases in Paradox, Interbase/Firebird
  • Developed and on-line editing application for remote editorial team
08/98 – 07/99
Software Developer
SE Electronic, Moldrup, Denmark
Redesigned, for the company’s largest client, a Delphi application for testing vehicles on suspension, brakes and sideslip; the application captured data from hardware and displayed real-time information to operator. Application contained paradox database with customer, vehicle and test data.
  • Created applications in Delphi 2/3 and paradox and Object Oriented Methodology
  • Utilized threads, charts and third party tools to display real-time data. Created databases for customer/vehicle/test data
01/97 – 05/97
Software Developer/ Software Analyst (Internship)
Library of North Jylland, Aalborg, Denmark
Designed, for large library, a prototype of a new book ordering system; project included analyzing requirements and work procedures before implementing the prototype and providing extensive recommendations and documentation.
  • Analyzed library’s need for book ordering system using OOA, OOD, OOSE and EER
  • Developed prototype of book ordering system for NT 4.0 platform
  • Used Object Oriented programming and testing
09/96 – 05/97
Programming Teacher
Aalborg Youth School, Aalborg, Denmark
  • Provided instructed for children age 14-17 in programming using Pascal and Borland Delphi 2 in 2-hour weekly evening sessions
09/97 – 05/98
BA Computer Science
Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA

Included courses in communication and broadcast Journalism.

01/95 – 05/97
Computer Science. Equivalent to BA/Master
Aalborg Computer Science School, Aalborg, Denmark

Classes: Programming, Machine architecture and operating systems, System development, Data modeling, System development methods, Programming methods, Communication and resource sharing, Object Oriented system development, Algorithm writing, Distributed systems and integration.

08/90 – 05/93
Personnel and Organizational Management
Management Academy, Viborg, Denmark

08/85 – 06/88
Viborg Business School, Viborg, Denmark

One year short of American BA

08/07 – 08/07
Hands On Technology Transfer
San Jose, CA

ASP.NET 2.0 Programming Using C#

SQL Server
Mogens is a world class Software Architect, Developer, Leader, and Entrepreneur!- Dan Anderson, CIO, Cotere Corporation