Most people know the phrase “It isn’t rocket science”, but working for actually was!
When started putting horoscopes and astrology reports online most of it was done manually. Even the in depth personal reports were made via lots of work around with desktop applications.
However shortly after arriving at I started working on a program that would eventually become a main engine for calculating the position of the major celestial objects as well as creating personalized horoscopes and reports.
It was a really cool project to be working on even though it at times was extremely difficult. There were megabytes of raw data to cipher through from JPL and little help from anywhere.
The first version of the project was used for a small application called the Astro Clock which showed the current position of the planets at current time.
After solving how to deliver a full 5-7 paragraph report in less than a second (fast by 1999 standards), the project got expanded and included in the first subscription service that IVillage introduced – Your Daily Forecast.